Welcome. This is a new home for my blogging, after a decade of Living with Rats. I’m a writer, researcher, former journalist and editor, and apprentice allotmenteer. I’m lucky enough to live in Sheffield, undiscovered jewel of the North of England.

In this blog I’d like to take up Hannah Arendt’s challenge, posed way back in 1958, to think what we are doing. We have hardly begun to do so.

You can read about the background to this blog in my first post, here. And you can find out about other things I do, if you’re interested, here.

I hope this blog will be a place for thoughtful writing, comment and conversation, taking a step back from the issues of the day to think more carefully about the world we live in. You’re welcome to join in – but please don’t be shouty, self-promoting or vexatious. There’s enough of that elsewhere.

For now, come on in, have a look, and if it interests you, let me know what you think.